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Love of Jesus and Mary in Islam




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Love of Jesus and Mary in Islam: An Enlightening Course for All, Including Islamists and Islamophobists

Farhad Pour-Golafshan


Revised Edition. This Enlightening Book Reveals the Obscured Truths about Islam, and its relationship to Christianity Insightful and compelling, Love of Jesus and Mary in Islam reveals a comprehensive look into several aspects of Islam that are widely unknown. As certain global events have indeed widened the gap between several religions, and due to increasingly biased and ill-conceived presentations some groups have become victims of discrimination. For these reasons, the author has created this groundbreaking book designed to bridge religious factions and remove misassumptions about Islam. The book’s presentations of Islamic traditions and practices in comparison to the norms of other cultures and beliefs are highlighted to give readers a better understanding and broader perspective. Creating a voice in eradicating global prejudices and ignorance about Muslims, this educational tool clearly illustrates some little known information about Muslims through evidenced based objective facts and studies. A helpful must-read not only for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, this work is a literary beacon of light that brings peace and unity in a world shattered by differences. From discussing the issues of Islam and women, violence and the long-standing strain between Christians and Muslims. In addition there is a condensed but unique presentation of Hinduism and Buddhism. This book is an eye-opening reading experience.


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  • aslam

    Good Product

    August 20, 2020

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